Running a business is a very busy way to make a living. To help you keep track of everything, this article goes over several important issues that you shouldn’t overlook, even if they seem small at first glance.

Employees’ Culture Fit

As your business grows, it’s important to keep your company’s culture in mind while hiring new employees. Assessing whether a candidate will be a good fit culturally is just as important as assessing their skills, experience, and potential. If it’s feasible, try holding group interviews so that you can see how candidates fit with their potential coworkers.

Building a Brand Story

A brand story may seem like a nebulous concept, but as entrepreneur Neil Patel points out, companies such as Apple, Disney, and Coca-Cola wouldn’t be where they are today without compelling brand stories. When crafting your brand story, give customers a reason to choose your company over others. This question might be helpful: What values does my company pride itself on?

Marketing Focus

Marketing is one of the most important parts of running a business. However, many small businesses focus on quantity—that is, marketing to as many people as possible—over quality, or people who are likely to make a purchase. Define who your audience is from the start, and then come up with a marketing plan that goes after them. 

Information Control

Informational control is something that you shouldn’t let slip while running a business. Take care to share information only with people who are trustworthy. For example, be judicious with who has access to which files. If an employee departs your business, immediately change any passwords they were aware of.

Expansion Speed

Finally, keep an eye on your business’s expansion speed. For example, as your business gains more customers, make sure the experience of each one remains great.

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