Google Adwords is an incredibly powerful tool in your online advertising arsenal. In many cases knowing when to start a campaign is just as important as knowing how to run one effectively. Here are four guidelines to help with your Google Adwords online advertising strategy.

Do you Have the Money?

Before you start any type of online advertising campaign, you need to honestly determine if you have enough of a budget to guarantee effective results. While one of Google Adwords greatest advantages is its ability to target customers by device, demo, and location, if you can’t cast a wide enough net to guarantee reach and frequency over time to get a good return-on-investment, you may be throwing your money away. Look into the cost of impressions and bid rates, and compare them with what you have available to spend.

Are you in Demand?


You need to be strategic about the market for your product or service. It is important to know how many competitors you have. Is your goal to jump into a crowded marketplace and aggressively try to take market share? Or are you filling a need and just breaking in? Timing is critical as well. If you have a seasonal business, like snow removal or a firework stand, this is easy to judge. If you work year-round, however, you need to be thoughtful about when you need to be reaching customers to drive business.


Do You Have Great Ads?

There are a few types of Online Advertising ads you can purchase through Adwords. The text layout and product layout advertisement ads are essentially templates, but you still need to write strong copy and have good pictures. For static image banner ads, though, you must have clear, eye-catching creative. Without a great picture or graphic accompanied by a strong, simple call to action, your message won’t get through, and your click-throughs and sales may suffer.

Can You Measure Results?

Finally, it is crucial that you set up tracking, so you can tell how well your ads are performing, and be willing to adjust your strategy and creative based on the results you’re seeing.

If the answer to all these questions is “yes,” then you’re ready to start an Online Advertising campaign with Google Adwords.