Luckily for business owners and marketers, there are certain fundamental thought patterns that most humans have in common. Knowing how your audience thinks will help you design your website, and your entire online presence, for lead generation and conversion.

Using Psychology for Online Lead Generation

Gaining and keeping your prospects’ attention online requires that you create a simple, user-friendly lead generation and conversion experience for them. Use these psychological tendencies (how human beings are “wired”) to attract new leads and enhance conversions:

• Constantly distracted people only absorb the obvious: Avoid the very human temptation to over-explain. Simplicity, order and straightforward facts work best in the fast-moving online world. When creating web content–like service pages, blogs, landing pages, and social media updates–boil it down to the essentials, then test the reaction.

So: Convey only the most crucial, problem-solving advantages of your product/service. Communicate your uniqueness, showing why users should choose your company above others. Test that your simplified meaning gets across. If not, get feedback about what’s confusing or unclear, and fix it.  

  • Over-stimulated humans need guidance: To deal with conflicting demands for their attention and “keep up,” humans lump/categorize like items together, and fall back on habits and conventions.

So: Cut through the static, keeping prospects organized and on task. Use accepted hierarchy signals, including page titles/headlines, section headings, bulleted lists. Use strong CTAs with bolded text or bright buttons that lead prospects toward conversion. Place menus/navigation bars where expected. Keep pages inviting and stress-free by using short paragraphs with lots of white space. 

  • Interrupted users get confused: People can’t multi-task, they just switch back-and-forth between tasks quickly, and performance suffers.

So: Deal with an inevitable, constant interruption by keeping users on the right track. For example, carefully label form text to remind users what’s next (and where they left off). 

  • Confused or frustrated visitors give up and go away: Humans tend toward the path of least resistance. It’s easy to click away to another website.

So: Keep your offer simple. Offer just one CTA/option, or consider adding a third offer (decoy) that makes one of the others look ideal.

Use our lead generation and conversion tips to boost your business. For personalized tactics, tailored to your business needs, contact Avery James today.