Blogging is an excellent way to generate traffic, promote your brand, and even earn income from advertisements. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key way to help your blog stand out. While the blogging industry has an incredible amount of competition, use these six strategies for optimizing your blog posts to beat the competition in your industry.

Expand Your Reach With Social Media


If you’re already an avid user of social media accounts, leverage that experience to improve your business. Blog posts can be promoted using social media posts, links, and shares. Some platforms allow you to create a posting schedule that helps you plan for important release dates and work ahead of time. It’s an incredibly easy way to increase your reach.

Use Subscriptions


A great search engine optimization tip is to use email subscription strategies. When your loyal viewers submit their email addresses, you’ll be able to send updates on your business and blog posts directly to their email. This helps prevent interested viewers from forgetting about your blog if they aren’t typically searching for your latest posts.

Connect Your Blog With Links


A link is an incredibly valuable tool when it comes to blog posts. Not only are linked blogs rated higher in terms of SEO, but they also help you cite your sources and show how up-to-date you are with current events. If you link to other blogs, you may even receive links back.

Use Engage Images


Blurry, small or vague images don’t make for a great blog post. Choose your images carefully, and be sure to include relevant keywords and descriptive text. Not only do engaging images help draw in new viewers, but optimizing your images with keywords in the descriptive text can help your blog post appear further up in searches.

Choose Optimized Keywords


Probably one of the most important factors in search engine optimization is using the proper keywords. Once you’ve chosen the keywords that fit naturally in your blog and are routinely searched by your target audience, you should include them in your meta description, title tag and throughout your blog post.

Research Thoroughly


Search engines are constantly improving their features and algorithms. In order to stay relevant, be sure to keep up with the latest innovations in SEO strategies. Find tools that can help you optimize each blog post, and use these six strategies to compete successfully a blog in any industry.