As the New Year approaches and promises for the year to come are upon you, think about your personal goals as far as sales go. It’s one thing to make a promise to yourself and resolve to have a better year than you did last year, but something about writing it down helps to make it feel more real. Writing down your goals is more important to your sense of accomplishing them than you might realize.

You Hold Yourself Accountable

Some people are disciplined enough to hold themselves to a goal by sheer will alone, while others need an extra nudge to get them going. If you’re one of those less-than-disciplined individuals, that doesn’t make you inferior, it means that you learn differently. By writing down your sales goals and putting them in a place you see every day (your bathroom mirror, your computer monitor, etc), you are reminding yourself every day that you made a promise to yourself. It’s easy to ignore a mental promise, but harder to ignore something in your own handwriting that serves as a daily reminder.

It Helps Your Stay On Top of Things

Sometimes your mind acts like an internet browser with 26 different tabs open, so it can be tough to prioritize everything mentally. When you have something like a calendar, planner or even sticky note to remind you of something important then it’s easier to stay on top of things. Rather than be reminded with a frantic “What am I going to do?!” moment, you can refer back to what you wrote down before. Even with your sales goals, this can be helpful; if you see on the calendar that you only have two weeks to achieve your aforementioned goal, for example, you might be motivated to work extra time to meet or exceed it.

You See Your Numbers

Ultimately your revenue is what keeps your business alive, so it makes sense to strive for bigger and better things. Seeing your sales goals on paper can be a great math lesson in your debt to income ratios and help you see what you’re trying to accomplish in comparison to what your numbers look like now.

In the season of change and renewal, applying yourself to kick it up a notch in your sales goals can be a great way to start the new year. Write down what you hope to accomplish and make it happen in the year to follow.