Are you feeling swamped with the sheer number of SEO and analytics tool options available? Whether you’re just getting started with your website, or an experienced blogger, learn how you can use Google Correlate to track your SEO and keep your posts ranking high.


Unlike Google Trends, which provides you with patterns to your keywords produced, Google Correlate can take a regional or time-based pattern in searches and offer keywords. The exact algorithms and technology used to come up with keywords based on patterns is incredibly complex and almost indecipherable to anyone who is not an algorithm expert. However, the bottom line is that you can now search for similar, correlated keywords to your original keyword.


This tool has incredible potential for experienced bloggers and web designers. First, you input a keyword. There are many complex options you can use to refine your search, alter the results or exclude certain terms. After you do this, you’ll receive the results.


Like almost any other analytics tool, Google Correlate can show you data in a variety of forms. Whether you want to view a chart, spreadsheet or alternative organizational structure, the results will be very similar. You’ll be able to find regionally correlated keywords to your initial keyword. You can also filter by time. The time feature is excellent if you want to focus in on the holidays or a particular season, or if you want to exclude these times from your search.


Once you’ve found relevant keywords, you can determine when and where these keywords are trending. Local SEO is a huge factor to your website’s success, especially if you provide local services that you are advertising for.


The sheer complexity of Google Correlate may mean you’ll have to play around with it before coming up with the exact results you need. Like any analytics tool, there can be a steep learning curve. Understanding how to use this tool and how to use it effectively are often two different things.


Whether you love using a variety of analytics tools or are looking for the perfect tool to optimize your web page, consider using Google Correlate for your web design. Although it may appear to be more complicated than other tools, it has unique capabilities that can help you find alternative keywords that may be less competitive or open up your content to new markets, both locally and nationally. This all leads to increased rankings and more traffic.