When you think of LinkedIn, do you think of marketing? Chances are, you probably don’t. Aside from connecting people and being a great way to network, LinkedIn can also provide businesses with powerful marketing tools. Below are 16 tips to get you started in the LinkedIn marketing arena.


  1. Create a Personal Profile


If you don’t already have a profile on LinkedIn, now is the time to create one. Link your company website through the badge feature for public viewing.


  1. Hyperlinks Made Personal


Change hyperlinks in the content section of the page to something relevant and engaging. You can use the pre-populated text, but personalizing it is better.


  1. Use Search Friendly Terms


SEO or search engine optimization is a powerful tool used to drive traffic. Use SEO terms in your profile to drive traffic to it.


  1. Archive Searches


Turn the “save searches” feature on to create an archive of searches you make. This tool comes in handy when trying to create specific content.


  1. Get Endorsed


Connecting with others and having them vouch for your skills is one way to boost your image and give people confidence.


  1. Go Public


If you want to create the most opportunities for LinkedIn marketing to work, make your profile public.


  1. Transfer Contacts


Keep your contact list up to date and export it using a contact management system for monitoring LinkedIn marketing data.


  1. Start Up a Group


Become the leader of a group and reach up to 15 people a month. Send messages promoting your profile and business.


  1. Share on Twitter


Twitter and LinkedIn work together giving you twice the opportunity to get looks. Promote and share your LinkedIn updates seamlessly.


  1. Group Email


Use LinkedIn to send mass emails to people in your group increasing your LinkedIn marketing appeal.


  1. Link a Business Page


Once your personal page is set up, create a business page and link it.


  1. Give Stats


Use your company page to keep people informed of your business.


  1. Craft Niche Pages


Create targeted content pages that are linked from your main page.


  1. Check Your Pulse


Contribute content to The Pulse and grow company visibility.


  1. Create Ads


Make ads through LinkedIn.


  1. Utilize Built-In Stats and Trackers


See if your attempts at LinkedIn marketing have been successful. Use the stat tracker feature to monitor your efforts.


LinkedIn marketing is another ally in your fight to be seen. Converting curious onlookers to customers is the ultimate goal of every social media marketing plan. By linking a business page to your personal page, you can drive traffic to both to become more visible.