Companies who utilize social media for help with targeting customers are more successful than those who don’t. Creating a Facebook marketing plan for your business doesn’t have to be stressful. Check out these four steps to take when first starting a marketing campaign on Facebook.


  1. Establish a Business Account on Facebook


You can’t have a personal Facebook page only when promoting your business. Sure, you can promote your business on your own page, but a business page is imperative to launching a successful social media market campaign. Include all company profile information and set a picture. Make sure the photo is clear and that all the information is accurate. Include a link to your business’ website and other social media or blog accounts.


  1. Start Posting


Keeping things light and fun can be one strategy you employ in launching your Facebook marketing campaign. What you do need is creative and new content. Keep readers engaged by sharing short, SEO-driven articles on topics that are relevant to your business. If you are an engaging writer, remember that your tone should still be professional.


  1. Get To Know Facebook’s Built-In Tools


A business page on Facebook comes with a range of marketing tools for your use and implementation. Learn what posts people are most interested in and create content that is similar. Pin important information or posts to the top of your page. You can create ads that will run across Facebook and see how well they are performing. See how calls to action are working out by checking stats of those posts which use them. If you aren’t utilizing these tools, you’re missing out on a wealth of information.


  1. Track Your Business Page on Facebook


Once you start a Facebook marketing campaign, don’t just walk away and let it be. Instead, check in and see how it’s doing. If the response is positive, then you know what works. If the opposite is true, and there isn’t much buzz going on, then you can make adjustments to this campaign or a future one.


A Facebook marketing campaign is only successful if you understand the basics. Once you start your business page and create the content, you need to check in and be sure your message is getting through. Making adjustments and course corrections are easy with the built-in tools and resources Facebook provides business customers. The key to your company’s success may be in social media marketing.