Customer service can be a very fickle commodity for many companies, and customers whom you think are completely satisfied, may still be shopping around with your competitors. There is a big difference between really keeping a customer satisfied and securing their loyalty for an indefinite period.

Here are a few recommendations you can use to secure customer loyalty instead of mere satisfaction.

Caring, friendly service

When your employees treat customers with true caring, and offer friendly service in the performance of their duty, it can go a long way toward impressing a customer, and making them come back to you time and time again. Customers are very much aware of when they are being handled just to satisfy an objection, as opposed to when they are receiving legitimately caring service.


Virtually all customers feel that their time is just as important as yours, and they don’t want it wasted by a representative who drags his/her heels while solving an issue. When your customer service representatives can address a customer issue promptly and effectively, that makes a big impression on the customer.

The perfect product

This is a relatively difficult way to ensure customer loyalty, but if you can somehow manage to create the perfect product which addresses all of the customers’ needs and wants, you can probably count on having a loyal customer. It would be even better if this product is unique in its class, and has no competitors on the market.

A solid problem resolution process

The companies which secure the most customer loyalty are those which have established a solid problem resolution process, which gets executed every time there’s an issue. Your customers will quickly become aware of the fact that there is an established process for problem resolution, and they’ll come to rely on it when any issues do arise.

Will a working capital loan help keep your customers happy? 

Sometimes it’s necessary to invest in an upgrade to your customer service processes, in order to keep your customers happy. If that may be true of your company, contact us at Avery James, so we can consider together how additional funding might upgrade your customer service.