As an entrepreneur, you need to be productive to get things done. There’s no secret to productivity. It takes focus, discipline and motivation. You have to take care of yourself while prioritizing your time.

Here are seven tips:

  • Exercise
    It can seem counterproductive to take time for exercise when you’re staring down a stack of tasks that have to get done. A short 15-minute workout will give you an energy boost to help you be more productive.
  • Feed your mind
    Read positive and inspirational stories that make you want to be better. Take time for education. Put good things into your mind to get good things out.   
  • Do your least favorite tasks first
    It’s called “eating the frog.” Get the least desirable task off your to-do list first so you aren’t dreading it all day and putting it off.   
  • Limit meetings
    Meetings are often time-wasters. Always ask yourself if you really need to have a meeting.
  • Balance time on social media
    It can be a great tool to share your message, but it can also be a huge time suck. Use tools that help you manage posts to avoid spending hours on social media.
  • Emails
    Emails can also be a time suck for entrepreneurs. Use templates and autoreply to help you manage your emails. But use email to reduce time spent in meetings. Answer emails in batches to reduce your time spent looking at email.   
  • Multitask wisely
    Chunk time together when it makes sense. Do two tasks at the same time that don’t detract from each other. Read a book while you’re at lunch. Do yoga while watching television. But remember to take some mental downtime each day for maximum productivity.

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