Digital marketing is essential for small business growth, but there are so many different strategies and platforms that getting started may seem overwhelming. Make sure you have the following bases covered and you’ll do well:

  • Establish a solid online footprint: An attractive website shows you exist—it’s essential for digital marketing and business growth. Exciting content and smart keyword choices bring organic search engine traffic, and all your promo efforts link back to your website. Social media pages help you promote your business, engage with customers, get opinions about your products and drive website traffic. Claim or create business profile pages for your business on Google Business, Yelp, BingPlaces and more, making sure your contact info is consistent everywhere. (This is your NAP: name, address and phone.) 
  • Create relevant, useful and shareable content: New, fresh content helps keep you visible in Google search. Great content helps you spread the word about your business, because readers will pitch in. They’ll be inspired to share links to your content, bringing you new followers and prospects. On-target content also keeps people coming back to your website and builds relationships. This increases the likelihood that they will do business with you, bring you repeat sales and provide business growth.
  • Mind your SEO: Search engine optimization helps you attract online searchers (organic web traffic). Your web pages, blogs, and social media posts should include relevant terms describing your business, products and services. Geographic SEO keywords should include the neighborhoods, cities, counties, etc. that you serve.
  • Integrate offline awareness and online marketing: Digital marketing should be augmented and coordinated with offline, real world promotion. Write on your area of expertise for the local paper or go on local radio–and tag your website (of course). Pre-promote your offline activities with digital marketing. Announce via email, on your website and social media.
  • Build a strong network: Establish a connection with other local businesspeople, and online influencers, in your industry. Engage them in conversation, comment on their posts and build these valuable relationships. These allies can help you grow your business with new exposure to their audiences, co-promotions, business tips and more.

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