The first thing that you need in order to launch a new business is an idea, and ideas are free. Don’t let a lack of finances prevent you from becoming an entrepreneur. What you primarily need are attributes such as foresight, enthusiasm, persistence, creativity, and the ability to foster relationships. Here are some strategies to help you boost your business expansion without money.

Create a Unique Brand

A dynamic brand image is what gives your company its unique personality. In fact, if you think of your business as you would a person, it can help you imagine what your brand should be like. Personify your business in a way that would be attractive to your proposed customer base. If you are able to clearly conceptualize the personal characteristics of your brand, you will better appeal to your customers in a visceral way.

Form a Community

Networking is a means for small business owners to get together and derive mutual benefits from peer-to-peer interactions. As you share experience and expertise with other entrepreneurs, you can all benefit from business expansion. Your loyal customers are another facet of your company’s community. When customers are satisfied with your brand, they generally promote it on social media and in person to their friends and relatives. Create a positive experience for your customers that will ensure their loyalty and cause them to become brand evangelists.

Use the Barter System

When you are low on funds but need specialized expertise for various facets of your business, consider bartering skill sets. Check out Craigslist, Facebook, or other sites for companies with the products or services that you need, and see if you can work out an exchange for something of value that you have to offer. The barter system works to the advantage of all participating businesses.

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