Traditional banks are a well-known source of financing for your business. However, the application processes can be long and the requirements can be difficult to meet for small business owners or those with a short credit history. Private funding can be an alternative way to get the financing you need, but it’s important to consider sources carefully before applying.

Think About the Pros and Cons of Private Funding

Any source of funding will have positive and negative considerations. Finding the best source of funding means balancing these pros and cons with the goals you have for your organization. Before pursuing a source of funding here are some things to think about:


  • More relaxed application requirements 
  • Shorter approval time 
  • Stronger emphasis on the business relationship to benefit your business 
  • Can match values of the lender with values of an organization  


  • Additional fees or costs 
  • Different rate structures 
  • Potentially more demanding repayment schedule 
  • Different application requirements for each lender  

Look at Online Lenders

The internet has opened up lots of private funding opportunities for businesses. Looking at available financing through the internet can give you access to private funding sources that can align with your organizational goals. You can look for online lenders that work within your industry, focus on specific types of owners (such as veterans or minorities), or some other criteria that can increase your chances of getting the funding you need. Using online lenders can also help you compare and contrast different options until you find the perfect funding source for your business. 

Whether you need start-up capital for a new venture or you want to expand your growing organization, private funding can be a good source of financing. Before you fill out applications, though, be sure you examine the pros and cons of different sources and look at different available opportunities before making a decision.