When Twitter debuted, it shot to the top of the social media rankings. In the past couple of years, new brands like Instagram and Snapchat have started to make their mark in the social media arena, and, Twitter has taken the biggest hit. However, millions of people access Twitter daily, and over half report doing so to get the latest news and information. Some companies have discovered the power of Twitter marketing, and they are coming out winners. Take a look at the top 6 brands that have turned Tweets into money.

  1. Oberlo

Ever heard of Oberlo? If you haven’t, you’re missing a Twitter marketing goldmine. Oberlo is a B2B company that targets entrepreneurs and small businesses. They create content that is educational and inspiring, two facets of business that can be overlooked.

  1. Close.io

Close.io is a B2B that has made its mark by using a quirky and fun marketing strategy. Their business description is an adaptation of one made famous in the television series, “Arrested Development.” The Tweets it sends out usually have to do with memorable and fun quotes and phrases. Being different and entertaining is one-way Close.io has proven successful in the marketing department.

  1. Netflix

Netflix is the most recognizable company on the list, and it just goes to show that its Twitter marketing strategy may be working. Netflix spends millions of dollars each year creating fun and relevant content including funny memes from their library of films and television series.

  1. Merriam-Webster

Check out Merriam-Webster handles education – through entertainment. The creators of the brand’s Twitter page Tweet out definitions and lessons on grammar and spelling in a creative manner. They use current events or newsworthy topics to frame the lesson. The result is a loyal following.

  1. ShineText

ShineText is a motivational service that sends you messages via app or text throughout the day with uplifting content. Their Twitter marketing includes reusing previous content in an engaging and new way to keep things fresh.

  1. Greenhouse

Getting people to follow you on social media and like what you post is just one prong to marketing. Greenhouse has figured out a way to get people to sign up for newsletters and services. Enticing followers to continue pursuing your content and services in other mediums is the ultimate goal.

Twitter marketing can help push your brand. However, being able to keep up with original content and fresh perspectives may be challenging. When looking at social media marketing, seeing the brands that have been most successful is one way to gain knowledge and make the platform work for your business. Contact Avery James to launch an engaging Twitter campaign.