Growing a business is no easy matter. More than half of startup companies fail within their first five years. However, there are a number of ways you can set your business up to be successful. While these tips won’t guarantee your success, they will help to set you on the right path. As you grow your new company, keep these five tips in mind.

1) Stay Focused

One of the greatest challenges that new business owners face is that they don’t stay focused on what they are trying to do. The best way to achieve business growth is to know exactly what you do and what you don’t do. If you allow your company to become too unfocused, you will find it difficult to reach the growth goals you set for yourself.

2) Remember That People Come First

When you start working with customers and/or hiring people, keep in mind that they are people. The most successful businesses tend to put team culture and customers first. Most professionals who enjoy their jobs like them because they like their bosses. Remember to keep your organization people-centric.

3) Running a Business Isn’t the Same as Working Your Trade

You may have gotten into business for yourself because you are good at your job. Perhaps you are a CPA or a contractor and wanted to reap more of the rewards of your work for yourself. That is a great way to get started. However, remember that being a good business owner is not the same as being a good professional. There are different skills involved, some of which you may need to learn.

4) Passion Counts

If you care about what you are doing, other people will follow that passion. It is infectious and can spread throughout a whole team, lifting everyone up. Conversely, if you are not passionate about it, you can’t expect anyone else to be. Get excited about what you are doing and let your people see that excitement.

5) Promote Yourself Constantly

You need customers to run a successful business. Those customers are not going to just come to you because you have a good product or service. You may have heard of some brands that don’t spend their budgets on fancy marketing campaigns. This is usually misleading. In fact, you likely heard that message in a marketing campaign. Get ready to sell your products and services because that is key to business growth.

These tips will help you build a successful business. Get ready to reach your goals.