Business lines of credit, loans, and other financing options can help you ensure you have the capital you need to achieve your goals. However, you may be uncertain about whether you should be thinking about business financing currently or not. It is helpful to set up financing before you direly need it. However, you don’t want to take on too much debt when you don’t need it. These are a few signs that it is the right time.

1) You Want To Expand

Are you thinking about getting more office space? Do you need extra hands to keep up with demand? Taking advantage of financing can ensure that you have the capital to grow. If your current operation is constrained by space or personnel, that is a good sign that expanding will help you bring in more revenue. Any time you are taking on financing to invest in future success, you are likely on the right path.

2) You Can Get a Great Loan

If your credit is in especially good shape or interest rates are particularly low, consider setting up some financing. It can pay to take advantage of opportunities when they are in front of you. Of course, you don’t want to borrow unnecessarily. However, getting a line of credit when you have a strong application can help you out when you need the money.

3) You Know You Will Need Help Soon

Is your business seasonal? If the slow months are coming up, you may want to consider getting some financing to help smooth out operations. Perhaps you are expecting to have a slow period while you bring a new product to market. In either case, getting the funds now can be better than waiting until you urgently need a loan to stay afloat.

4) Opportunity Is Knocking at Your Door

Do you have a chance to acquire a competitor? Is a potential partner interested in a joint venture? Could you use some money to take on a big new client? When an opportunity comes knocking, it can be a good idea to answer. Sometimes getting the right financing will enable you to set up your company for continued success. Jump on those opportunities.

These signs may indicate that you are ready for business financing. It is almost always better to get funds before you really need them. Consider looking at lines of credit to help you have access to money whenever you need it.